Tuesday, June 12

Something to share

Being unwell for years on end is not glamorous, not that I really supposed you thought it was. Nevertheless, there are a few perks to this lifestyle (thank-goodness) – namely, peaceful hours in which to read novels, explore blogs, listen to music, trawl the internet for clothes, knit, watch YouTube videos and generally engage in day-enhancing activities. I’ll share 5  ‘something’s’ from my finds with you. 

1.       Something to watch

Below is the link to a video about now 21 year-old conjoined twins Brittany and Abigail Hensel. They share the same body but have two heads. It’s a fascinating watch, and I am amazed at their positivity in what seems like a very very complicated life. Suddenly I was amazed at how blessed I am to have my very own normally formed body, my own space.

2.       Something to read (for fashion lovers)

There are lovely garments hanging in my wardrope, longing to be donned and exposed to the streets, theatres, cafes, and gatherings; the doctor’s surgery, the psychiatrist, and the physiotherapist just aren’t fitting destinations for some of them. I might come across a little OTT for a ‘sickling’. I often peer in at the rack and wish I had some place to wear my favourites, but they would be crumpled by hours on the couch, so I pick off the floor my fleecy trackpants and pair them with an opp-shop jumper. My love affair with fashion and it’s messages and stories has not been dampened by my pyjama-and-other-sloppy-items existence. Not in the slightest. This book by Kelly Doust just sums it up perfectly, it’s quite devourable and humourous.


3.       Something to share in

I have a pregnant woman fascination. Something about the mystery of these beautiful pregnant creatures captivates me, entices me.  This year I’ve taken to reading personal birth stories, which almost move me to tears they can be so beautiful. The non-text book exploration of the process of bringing a human into the world is special. Even Ben loved the one I’m sharing here.

4.       Something to listen to

Wistful, reflective and emotive, Faure’s Pavane is beauty, and rather appropriate for listening to when you’re sitting down for 7 minutes peace.

5.       Something to remember

Shared with me by a friend, I fell for this quote and it’s timeless truth. I am always happiest when I’m not thinking about other people’s good health, finances, and careers.


  1. Oh dee... I am listening to Pavane and trying to hold back my tears reading that quote. It sums up my life. Not any more!

  2. Roo, it sums up my life far too much of the time too, and quite a teary thought when combined with emotive music - your reaction was so similar to mine! I'm so thankful for wake up calls and good quotes to remind me of things. x