Thursday, December 13


i am grateful for nights out.

madame brussels at night

i used to take them for granted. until i had to go to sleep at 9 pm because i was suffering.

on friday night we spontaneously decided to go into the city to look at the christmas lights projected on historic buildings...we left our little apartment at 9 pm. i wanted to cry for joy that i wasn't lying on my bed with ben helping me struggle into my pajamas and encouraging me to swallow my mass of bedtime pills. going out at dark? it seemed so crazily beautifully fun!

last night after ben's graduation we didn't rush home to put a migrained mess of a wife into bed. we left the ceremony venue after 10.30 pm and walked in the heat, in my heels, to Madame Brussels to linger a little longer over our celebration. sitting there, it seemed overwhelming that ben had in his hand a degree, and i sat by his side drinking, wide awake, well. it seemed like we were too blessed.

and what about the day after? was it spent in bed? no. that's what is even more deliciously incredible. i am crying as i write because i am so utterly blessed to be alive and pain free.

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