Friday, July 4

Rompers! McCalls 6923

Pattern: McCalls 6923
Level: Easy/Intermediate
Fabric: $5 p/m cotton and lining

My floral rompers would like to be worn to Torquay beach, and on summer picnics. I have an impatient disposition not yet thwarted by chronic illness, so I am wondering about wearing them with tights and a cardi for this season, or making a darker winter version. See how they match my mauve knees?

The pattern called for a bodice lining, and a centre back zip. I was apprehensive about these steps, but as usual they were much easier than I expected.
The main problem was that the pattern's smallest size was an 8, and it wasn't an 8-going-on-6 kind of 8. The rompers sort of doubled my waist at first try. I ended up putting darts in the back, which are quite inconspicuous with all the gathering. It's still on the loose side, but that doesn't put me off wearing it, because the design is cute, and it's supposed to be a cool cotton playsuit. I have plans to alter the pattern next time.

Right now, I am excited to be making things, stretching myself, having a few days off my virus, and gazing at beautiful hope-provoking fabric. Learning something new has to be one of the greatest pleasures in the world!

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  1. Ooh so lovely and a spot of virus-free plus sunshine!? This is all making me smile.