Tuesday, October 21

project e l k e

I haven't stopped sewing on my medium to high quality days. We still can't eat dinner at our dining room table because I have covered it in thread and paint. I have taken to calling the space my studio, which makes Ben laugh because I already have our study for that purpose. But I am a lightbug and a scatterer, so I have spread out by the windows.

I have been making clothes {as yet unphotographed}, but mostly I've been using fabric paint and zips to make pouches, leather based clutches, and cushions to take to market. I'm aiming for an artisan market, but Etsy and Instagram are lurking in the back of my mind for later, in the phenomenal case that I actually sell something. It's an alluring, vulnerable and motivating project, and very suitable for my home-is-best and learnt-to-sew state of affairs.

You can be utterly upended, and lie winded for a long while, but then you find that of course there wasn't just one thing for you.

e l k e .

p e a c h

m i n t 

h u n d r e d s & t h o u s a n d s
t r i a n g l e 

a n y t h i n g  b a g s 


  1. I'm loving your logo! - and your colourful creations xx

  2. You are crazy talented! These are incredible! xx

  3. I'm in love with my mint clutch Dee, you are just too amaze!

  4. They look wonderful! :D
    I particularly like the cushions :)

  5. The last sentence made me tear up. So beautiful and true. No-one can express things quite the way that you do, Danielle. There is so much depth to your soul.

    1. Oh Lauren, why are you so lovely?! Thankyou for your heartwarming comment.