Tuesday, April 12

not to be pitied

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"Sometimes I feel like we are the lucky ones."
We lie in bed before he slips off to spend the night tending to our offspring.
"I think that too."

He had just applied to drop back to part time work for six months. At first I was dark and brooding over it, the fact that ill health was robbing us of societal normality once again.
Us, not just me. That made it even worse.
It passed, like an angry cloud, when I saw the sparkle in his eye.

We have thought for years, there is a significant upside to living in the slow lane, keeping life a gentle pain-managing whisper. We have many an hour on our couch* becoming closer than we ever imagined, more united and delighted with our companionship, more than we could have if my body roared all day and into the night. It trickles down into the next generation too, time and ensuing fondness, which exists away from the hurry and scurry.

Sometimes the miserable path where you get stabbed and almost beheaded by an onslaught of low lying branches, has magical foliage not found on other paths. We get time and closeness.

Not a creative career, not as much money, not many pain-free days, but something so lush. '

* sans tv, is the key

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