Friday, October 21

ramblings on antiques & degas

I have a soft spot for old fashioned and antique things – and it makes sense when I think about it; I’ve never felt that I completely fit into this era in which I live...I’m captivated by period homes with ornate cornices, vintage dresses, antique lockets, old fashioned values and hand written letters. Occasionally I do try to understand people’s fascination and zeal for modern art and architecture, but I eventually give up because it befuddles me – and then I pick up a Jane Austen novel and go back to the ‘olden days’.  
The most delightful antique shop I have ever stepped foot in, is located in the quaint town named ‘Warrandyte.’
“Ratty & Moles Riverbank Antiques”
It’s like a little rabbit warren in the shop, with many small rooms laden with shelves of old treasures. I was enthralled, as was Ben – so many rings with diamonds or sapphires, old Beatrix Potter figurines, pearls, lockets... I wished each item had a little brown letter attached, telling me who first owned it, and the story of its acquisition. I have this slightly morbid thought about the rings: Did an old lady die with her engagement ring still on her? I think I’d still wear it, but it’s ever so slightly creepy.
The Etsy website satisfies my cravings when I can’t go to Warrandyte...

One day I was looking for pictures for a collage I am making for our wall...and I stumbled across this one in my google search.

With my great love of ballet, I was quite captivated by these antique-look gold slippers - and my husband said that if he ever found them, he would buy them for me. I doubted we would ever find it...but hoped dearly.
A while later I was on Etsy searching for ‘Degas’, my favourite painter. He paints the most gorgeous impressionistic works of dancers and musicians. There I stumbled across the picture of the charm, and saw that there was only one dancing shoes necklace left for sale, and that it was inspired by Degas’ sculptures of ballerinas. So, Ben has bought it for me and I’ll receive it on my birthday, which is still several weeks away, but at least my anticipation will build. These little shoes say a lot to me...
“On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.” Alicia Markova, Prima Ballerina

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
Below is the collage I’ve been constructing, just a collection of things which are close to my heart - and lots of brown paper.


  1. Danielle this collage is amazing you should put the photo on facebook so I can like and download it. Reading your blog is amazing.

    Love Cass

  2. Aww I'm so glad you like it Cass!! Thanks for telling me and I shall put it on facey.

    Love Dee