Friday, April 20


one of those weeks where i no longer cared about anything.

i didn’t want to pick up my flute. i couldn’t face baking muffins. i detested the idea of going to the gym, again. i felt scatty, so scatty. a foggy grayness settled over me, from the endless monotony of  daily routines.

i tried to make myself keep going, keep plodding along that well worn path. it only intensified my blahness.

 so i went to the library, chose three new books, and snuggled up to read them. i painted my nails, i gave my blog a face lift, i went to body balance instead of cycle, i wrote letters to my grandparents.

we make routines for our benefit, not our imprisonment. if your body is begging for some rest, it’s probably because it needs it. why do we ignore how we feel so often? if i’d listened to my body when i was a teenager, would I be chronically ill today?

i’m feeling better. fresher. smiling. more motivated. sometimes the cure is so simple.

it’s not lazy to listen. it’s possibly the greatest investment into a healthy life. i wish i’d learnt this earlier.