Thursday, March 13

My 2014 challenge

I have decided that 2014 is my learn-to-sew-properly-with-patterns year. I never would have had a chance if I were on the normal path of life, so I feel a sense of delight. The same kind I felt when I to the beach with a friend on a Tuesday while everyone was at work. It’s an unexpected joy of being off the conveyer belt. It’s like when you’re at a conference and the gluten free option is better than the normal. What?!

I plan to make instead of buy as many clothes as possible this year, because I have both the time and desire to invest in 12 months of journeying from pre-beginner levels to almost decent. Actually decent would be ok too.  

Right now I am making skirts. Last week I made a pale pink cotton, and this week a winter navy blue in corduroy. My plan is to buy patterns which I can see myself loving to wear often {no frumpy lumpies, at least not before I've sewn it}, and then find fabric I like at warehouses, opp shops and on sale. Today that meant saying goodbye to the $19.00 per metre houndstooth at Spotlight. Both these fabrics were $5.00 or less per metre.

I love that this skirt can be sewn in two afternoons. The satisfaction is beyond. It actually rivals shopping, but wins because it is affordable, creative and ethical.

Pattern: Everyday Skirt by Oliver+S
Sewing challenge inspiration: Talia Christine Blog
Next project: Papercut - Ensis Tee