Saturday, March 29

sew well - the ensis tee

Sewing is saving the day.
I feel very invigorated by my 2014 challenge to make my wardrobe. Invigorated is not something I am accustomed to feeling. My mind is absorbed and stretched, and I feel like I have found my perfect antidote to boredom.  

Making clothes is very similar to music for me. It’s mostly mundane and methodical, which I find grounding and soothing. But there are flickers of creative excitement throughout the process, and they keep me hungry for more.

The Ensis Tee pattern arrived from NZ just as my latest virus was {finally} easing, so the timing was perfect. I need some warm winter tops to replace my stinky ones, and I feel that sewing with knits is the next step in my progress, so that’s why I went to Joy’s Fabric Warehouse and bought 100% Cotton Jersey. A solid lycra-free beginning. I know I'm going to wear this one a lot, and I plan to make a second soon.

Pattern: Papercut Patterns, Ensis Tee
Level: Novice
Next up: Amerson Undies.
When I vowed to make my clothes this year, I fully intended to continue buying my lingerie. The other day I needed a half slip, and forced myself to make one from a 50c too-large Berlei slip which I found in the op shop. I still don't plan to make all my lingerie, but a cute pair of {maybe floral} undies appeals. The idea of recycling old t-shirts into underwear is growing on me too.