Tuesday, April 15

happy days {and machine makes}

I have been happy with the joy and relief that only comes from the removal of pain.

It's ten days since my last virus. Because of my tres dodgy immune system, I find myself living my days as if each were my last before another virus - because, there's a high chance. Without viruses, I seem to be at a high level of functioning at the moment and because I'm over my fear of jinxing myself, I can write that fearlessly.

I have been sitting in front of my sewing machine instead of lying on the couch and here are my makes:

Scout Tee from Grainline Studio - My sewing disaster day. I kept predicting that I would have a disaster soon, and it came right on cue, that is, on my favourite peice of fabric. I printed the PDF pattern, cut the fabric given to me by my sister...and then realised that the peices looked very small. I was sure I was meant to be a size 0 in American Sizing. I wonder if people smaller than me are -2? It's kind of rude. Anyway, it turns out I hadn't checked that the PDF had printed to the correct scale, and my pattern was a lot smaller than it ought to have been. It was size 0 minus a few. If I hadn't been using such precious fabric I would have given up - instead I carried on, literally moaning in despair and wondering if I could salvage my top.
One stressful day later, I have a cropped tee which I absolutely love with my highwasted clothes. It's far from perfect, but strangely one of my favourite items.

Amerson Undies - I made these because Wolfgang is an underwear eating hound. I don't scream all that often, but when I catch him in the act, I am a mad woman. High pitched. Sometimes I worry I will yell at my future babies, but they won't eat undies so I'll be ok. Although I was happy with the results, they were a bit too fiddly. Basically, I wanted faster gratification.

DIY Tunic - I dream of drafting my own patterns but six weeks into my sewing challenge was possibly too soon. The sleeves were the terrifying bit, but through some fluke they kind of worked. This 'dress' is more of a sack/tent featuring shape-free fit and vanishing curves technology. I think I will wear my shabby creation.

Ensis Tee - a second one, using the leftover fabrics. I love these solid warm tops, particularly how they are simple enough to sew up in a day.

Next up: Saiph Tunic. I'm going to make this with my sister, and it will be my first dress attempt.

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