Wednesday, May 14

the first dress

Even though I haven’t really been dreaming of making dresses all my life, I feel like deep in my subconscious I have always wanted to. It feels fabulously feminine to make a dress rather than a top or skirt. I had in mind a thick winter dress for the day time {because who actually goes out at night?}, in a classic black, to wear with tights. I was thoroughly inspired by Jolies Bobines.

Fabric: It was $10 per metre at Joy’s Fabric Warehouse, and I was lucky to have my super sister with me to help decide. I found the button for the back at the Alannah Hill factory outlet {Brunswick Street}, and soon I will be sewing with the darling fabric I bought there for outrageously cheap prices.

The pattern was simple, well explained, quick to cut out and quick to sew – except for the French darts which weren’t marked. Having never tackled them before, I just did my best to make them match by sight, guessed how long they should be by stalking other Saiph Tunics on the web, and tacked them before I sewed. My great fear was that they would end up pointy in a central location, but mercifully they are discreet. 

Because I didn’t want it to be daringly short, I added 1.5 inches to the top. Later I realised that the torso was unflatteringly long in proportion to the peplum. I looked like a droopy waistless nun; overwhelmingly frumpy. After unpicking the peplum to shorten the top, the proportions are better, and the dress hits mid thigh which is my happy length.

I am adjusting to wearing a tunic. It is just so voluminous! But, I think once I have the courage to embrace the space, I will love it. 

Voila! La première robe noire, and I have the joy of having reached another goal.

Below are a couple of other things I’ve made lately – the Scout Tee. Most tees are too low, or high, or tight, or twisted, or thin. But this one is the perfect slouchy tee.

I had some navy and white knit left over. There wasn’t enough for a whole top of one colour, so I decided that the gym can handle navy on the back and white on the front. I consider this fabric shortage ‘sporty’. I copied it from a shop bought tank, and it really is a good thrift. 


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    1. Thankyou! It was such a fun sew because it was so simple. Glad you're another papercut patterns lover :-)