Wednesday, May 15

words for wednesday {page 3, crochet & bunting}

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

Robert Louis Stevenson 

“Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.”

Jean Jacques Rousseau

I am definitely in chains. I think we all get entangled by nasty things.

In one good book I have been reading called ’From Fatigued to Fantastic’ {who wouldn’t want to read that?!} the recovered doctor says,’ Stop shoulding on yourself.’

I just loved this phrase, because I ‘should’ all the time and it’s one of my chains. I tie myself up with living up to perceived expectations. ‘Should’ implies a moral obligation, and there rarely is one. Usually I end up crawling back into bed, sad and exhausted after everything I've made myself do.

Dr. Teitelbaum went on to say that when you have little bits of energy or time, you’re wise to do things that you enjoy.  Last year, I started doing something I enjoyed and felt good about every single day, and it was quite crazy to see how it fostered my improvement. I actually felt enthusiasm for life again!

Honestly, try it. Just do one thing a day (or every two) which you really enjoy. Something that there is no 'ought, must, should' attached to. I think it is excellent for health purposes. 

Here are some of my little happy projects at the moment:

I usually hobble round in the winter months dressed like an Eskimo. I also have a pixie cut which makes for scary morning hair, and post afternoon-nap hair. I decided I needed something cosy to chuck over it if I need to pop out or answer the door without having time/energy to tame the crop. This pattern which I found here is super easy, perfect for beginners. Ps. Did I mention that yellow is my new favourite colour?!

I’ve wanted to make some bunting for our lounge for quite some time. This is the fabric I have chosen, and I am in love with the ‘woodland walk’ one.


  1. Oh cute headband! I love yellow too :) And that looks like the bellaboo fabric, a friend made malya some embroidery hoop art with it recently. Great taste you have! x

    1. Ooh, isn't it the sweetest fabric ever? It was love at first sight. I have a slight deer obsession at the moment. Lucky Mayla :-)