Tuesday, January 21


Today my dear blog, you are going to pretend to be an empathetic listener while I pour out some...feelings.

Feeling No. 1

I do not like days where strength evaporates in the night, leaving me no note to explain WHY. I find strength's long unexplained departures obnoxious, and I know deep down that this is not a relationship I should rely on for my happiness. But every time he returns, I'm besotted and become emotionally entangled. He departs, and I'm re-gutted. It's very complicated.

Feeling No. 2

I am bored. Not in the six weeks of school holidays way, but the 156 weeks way. I am bored of trying to quell my boredom from dawn {not literally} till dusk. I have been trying to un-bore myself for years but the lack of boredom results in the lack of health. We go round and round in this dizzyingly slow manner and I just hope I don't perish of it. Actually, my thoughts on perishing wax and wane.

Feeling No. 3

I feel trapped in my body and I have asked many skilled physicians to let me out, but no one on earth seems to have the key. I just hoped I'd be out by now, and yeah.

Feeling No. 4

I run out of positivity at times. I say, "I am tired of continually striving to be upbeat and motivated. I want out." And then I cry and cry because out isn't on the menu.



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