Wednesday, January 30

creature comfort

I was perusing the blog of artist Kim Sears, and she wrote something which I liked:

Disclaimer: I am one of those  people. The type that take far too many photos of their animals and expect others to oooh and aaah with adequate enthusiam.

I liked it because I am one of those people too. I can’t seem to help myself, I just find everything my pup does so endearing, entertaining, and smile-provoking that I have to capture it...and then share it, be that excitedly showing Ben my daily shoots when he gets home from work, or uploading  them on Instagram, where I can even put a filter on them (oh happy day!). And I know that other people are going, “Ok Ok. You love your dog, we get it. We have seen your dog and he looks the same this week as he did last week. Do we really need to see another photo?”

Maybe I am besotted with him because I have dreamed of owning a dog ever since I was a little girl, and now I can’t quite believe that it’s happened? Maybe it’s because he actually does all those adorable dog things that my soft toys, and obliging younger sisters, and virtual pet never quite pulled off. Or is it that he is so delightfully unaffected by the stresses of this world that I catch a bit of his unconcerned happiness?

I’m his favourite person in the whole world (yes, he even follows me to the toilet) despite being a bit of a social failure. He doesn’t know that there is anything the matter with me, and if he knew he wouldn’t care, so long as he could snuggle in my arms. He makes me feel as though sleeping during the day is the most normal, delicious thing to do, as he shamelessly does the same for hours on end. I love that I can be enough for him, that I am capable of satisfying all* his needs. (It seriously helps that his dinner comes out of a tin.) I feel with Wolfgang that I am normal, valued, capable, and understood. Seldom do I come across this feeling with people, however kind they are, which is why I often prefer his uncomplicated, affectionate company. He doesn’t tell me to pick myself up, or go and see this particular doctor, or expect me to get better with no backwards patches...he just hops into my lap, and silently, unconsciously, comforts me. That's why I love him the way I do.

Wolfgang's puppyhood

Sick & swollen from a new medication, but not alone.

Ps. He also has the cute factor and being a very aesthetic person, this pleases me no end. People frequently stop me in the street to comment on how adorable he is. Toddlers point, ladies smile, men greet him. It’s like walking around with a celebrity.

*wincey exception: we had his manly parts removed, but it would seem he still would like a girlfriend for humpy-times.

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